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My name is Kelli Hastings.

I greet life on Earth with the attitude of a fearless adventurer, and see the importance of striking a balance between spirituality and living in a material reality.

I haven’t always been this way. For many years I led a very material-minded, anxiety-ridden existence and worked long hours as a civil litigator. Then personal tragedy sparked within me a re-awakening. My journey led me to India, where I connected to and felt deeply the Love that permeates all of existence.

I talk about my journey and my experiences with sensory deprivation floating in this short video:

Every year or so since that first trip, I take my son (now seven years old) with me to India to study yoga at the source.

I’ve been called a renaissance woman, and I do have my hands in a little bit of everything. I maintain a small, solo law practice. I play poker semi-professionally. I teach yoga and write and play the fiddle (started a few years ago!). I like to draw and sing and dance, and I will try just about anything once. I am a lover of fine wines and foodie grub, and I have many other shameless vices.

I hope that by living my life and sharing it that I might inspire others to connect to the Love that resides in each of our hearts… to hear and sing and dance to that unique inner Divine song.



To find out more about my yoga bio and street cred, click here.

For more of me and my lawyerliness check out www.kbhastingslaw.com

And stay tuned for my book, “Rotten Minerva” to be published this year!


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    Kelli –
    Are you licensed to practice law in Florida?

    Dean Tong

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