Bill Murray Yoga

Turns out the Dalai Lama really did give Bill Murray total consciousness.

He gave a very Zen answer to the question: “What is it like to be you?” which was posed to him last year at the Toronto Film Festival when his film, St. Vincent, was released.

Instead of brushing it off or making a casual joke, Murray implored everyone in the the audience to really feel what is like to be them; to sit tall in their bodies and feel energy moving up and down their spine. He talked about the confusion that comes when we try to compete with others, rather than just being happy right where we are.

It sounded like a lesson in present-moment awareness that could have come from a Zen master or yoga guru. It is just a few minutes long and worth a listen: What is it like to be you?

Its funny, I’ve gotten a hit on this website in the past when someone┬ásearched for “Bill Murray Yoga” and landed here by happy accident. That’s probably because I have often written about the yogic message in the film Groundhog Day. But I’m beginning to see that Bill Murray Yoga goes far beyond the deepness of his starring role in that movie.

He is someone who lives authentically and mindfully, and we could learn something from that.

Wisecrack published a video explaining the philosophy of Bill Murray, also known as “The Way of the Sly Man:”

Join me for some Bill Murray Yoga, anyone?

Gunga, galunga


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