How to Fight a Red Light Camera ticket and Why

** 4/06/2017 Check out updated info here. Also check out the RLC tab, above.**   You may have heard the news about my recent successful red light camera appeal. Check it out: In light of being propelled to instant-kinda-sorta-fame, I’ve been getting numerous … Continued

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Hello its me.

What have I been up to? … Livin’ the dream. That’s pretty much my standard response to that question. It usually gets a chuckle and gets me out of figuring out a better way to answer. Don’t get me wrong – I mean … Continued

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Feb. 18 016

India trip booked!

So here is the big news: We are going to India! We are for real going. Like, we already got our plane tickets for real going. Through the help of friends and family, we were able to actually book our flight … Continued

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So Kelli, how’d you become a Master Jedi Knight?

It’s a question I get asked ALL THE TIME. (In the movie that I’m in.) (About my life.) (Starring me.) … (That so far occurs mostly in my head.) But I did get asked it once, so it seems like an appropriate … Continued

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La luna sangre

Bhagavan Das in the house again! I attended my second of four Tuesday classes with Bhagavan Das and his wife, Kali, at Harmony Yoga yesterday — the day of the infamous blood moon — more on the moon in a minute. … Continued

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What a week I’m having!

It’s Saturday and I’m positive that you are reading this right now because you want to know all about my life happenings this past week. So let’s do this. On Tuesday, Bhagavan Das came back to town! He will be here … Continued

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287 - Billion Dollar Front

I want to be a billionaire so fucking bad…

The urge to write is a funny thing. And so is not having any money. Its sort of funny anyway. Especially the various and creative ways the Universe keeps coming up with to delay my receipt of well-earned legal fees … Continued

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Seriously? Mercury is in retrograde again?

Didn’t this like, just happen? In fact, it did. About three months ago, from October 21-November 10, 2013. And it was shitty then and I wrote about it here. Basically, Mercury goes retrograde about four times per year. Fantastic blogger … Continued

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TBT – “I am alone…I am utterly alone.”

By the time you read this, I will be gone. Having jumped…having plummeted… off the winter river bridge. Anyone? I’m feeling a bit like Winona Ryder in this scene from Beetlejuice today. Last night was the full moon, and it … Continued

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Damn you, Mercury!

Hidy-ho everyone. At last we meet for the first time, for the last time…? Communication is a little bit disrupted right now. Mercury is in retrograde, so shit is all whack. The basic jist is that four times a year … Continued

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