“The Mermaid”

You are the one that longs to runand revel in this foolish game.No need to goYou are the flow You leave it all to live on the land and dance with storms   Oh yes… The grit the glory of … Continued

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March 24, 2014 322

I’ll fly away

Wisp into my path, Your impermeable grace Floating on my song.

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If you say goodbye to me to night…

Oh God Oh For the longest time, since she’s known, I’m out of my mind. Letting go, walking a fine line. What else can I do? I give it all up to you. My heart’s not been here for the … Continued

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Kali pull back your bow and let my lover know the depth of my love, Your love. Projected on lover projected on me, back to the Source. ¬† Kali thrust through our hearts and let Your magic start to permeate … Continued

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Clockwork Lotus


Padma, padma, padma, on the cusp of bloom after millennia of cultivation upon the weaver’s loom. Oh this urge to push and prod and force with all my might, let me resist with peaceful heart and watch you turn toward … Continued

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Clockwork Lotus

padma sadhana

Kali, why does jealousy remain my king? Leagues of distance, yet no less it stings. Teach me, instead,¬†abundant Love – And, Kali, let me rise above – so that I long not after a specific flower; Rather seeking solely your … Continued

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Kali Remind me

Kali, before I fall for you again as human grace, before your perfumed hair tickles my face, before my heart longs to feel your touch, Remind me. Remind me that you are the scented flowers on the breeze, the birds … Continued

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