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Oh India!

India has a way of breaking you down and building you up at the same time. It can be mind-numbingly frustrating – like when the internet and power go out several times a day without a rational reason. And it … Continued

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Feb. 18 016

India trip booked!

So here is the big news: We are going to India! We are for real going. Like, we already got our plane tickets for real going. Through the help of friends and family, we were able to actually book our flight … Continued

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Just a spoonful of vinegar helps the Canada go down

Canada!! Hooray! I like to pronounce it “Can-A-dia” (like “Canadian” without the last “n”) because I am awesome and all the Canadians love it when I do. I’m here for my cousin’s wedding, and also to eat lots of food. … Continued

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Total Zen 2 (& 3!)

So today I “went into the tank” at Total Zen Floats (sensory deprivation experience) for the third time in two weeks! I’ve been accused of being addicted and, I’m not gonna lie, I think I am. I could quit anytime … Continued

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total zen chamber

Total Zen

So I checked out the Total Zen Float chamber last week. Its a big flotation tank designed to create a sensory-deprivation relaxation experience that is beneficial for stress, pain, and healing mental and emotional issues. The brochure touts that in … Continued

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bhagavan das

Bhagavan Das!

Bhagavan Das looks a little like Gandalf the White. (You know, Gandalf after he came back from fighting the Balrog of Morgoth). He holds his giant one-stringed ektar like a giant staff, and wears a long white robe and long … Continued

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A Spirited Cassadaga Adventure

Cassadaga is a wonderful place, full of charm and history. The town is especially known for its large population of psychics and mediums, and has been referred to as “The Psychic Capital of the World.” To have that many “sensitive” … Continued

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Adventures in Italia, part due!

The second half of our Italy trip is now well underway. We have been so busy I’ve barely had a chance to take a breath, much less to sit down and write. We are staying in Massa Lubrense, a small … Continued

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Adventures in Italia!

We have finally arrived in Salento, Italy, which is in the heel of the Italy “boot,” south of Brindisi. (Actually, we arrived Saturday night but our luggage didn’t make it until last night (Monday). More on that in a minute). … Continued

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thank you, Alanis

It is officially one week back in America now, and it seems there are all sorts of problems. My car is busted. The mechanic told me before I left that fixing it would be like “performing open heart surgery on … Continued

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