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I maintain a limited law practice, mainly focusing on appeals and wills and estate services.

I do not handle red light camera cases at the hearing level, and would recommend you consult a local traffic attorney for that cause.

If you would like to talk to me about your red light camera or other legal case case for purposes of appellate strategy, we can set up a telephone or office consultation at $54 per half hour.

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  1. Russell Mann says:

    In light of the latest ruling on red light cameras means my class A cdl was suspended illegally. I was not informed of a ticket and have not been able to work due to the suspension for almost 3 years, sold my vehicle and personal effects to stay alive. Do I have a suit against orlando? Have tried since finding the suspension to find help, are you the one?

    • Kelli Hastings says:

      The ruling likely won’t apply to old tickets that are already closed. But your license shouldn’t have been suspended if you didn’t know about the ticket. You should be able to get your license cleared if you haven’t already. As far as a law suit against the City, I’m not sure you have standing. Call me at my law office next week (407)539-3032 if you’d like to talk more about it.

      • Russell Mann says:

        Will do. Been so angry for way too long over this. Every one tells me to just shut up and pay but I have not had the money to and felt all along that the cameras ARE the very definition of extortion.

  2. Russell Mann says:

    Thank you for the reply

  3. Ralph Maclean says:

    I received a red light ticket. When I looked at the video, I was 3/100 of a second too slow. The light turned from green to amber and I was too close to the light to make a safe stop. I thought that I had plenty of time to proceed through the intersection, but I was wrong. I went back and recorded the traffic light on my cell phone. It was three seconds. The department of transportation recommends 4.5 seconds amber duration time at 40 m.p.h. However cities do not have to follow these recommendations. I contacted Pam Bondi’s office, and her reply is that they have to enforce the law on the books. I haven’t had a traffic ticket in twenty years. And never thought that I would have a traffic violation. This system is designed to fleece motorist’s. Shorten the amber light and put the motorist in a no-win situation. Slam on the brakes and get rear-ended. Or proceed through the traffic light and get a $158.00 ticket. In Europe, the green light starts to flash when the light is about to change. Giving the driver an opportunity to stop in a controlled fashion. In Hollywood Florida years ago on West Dixie Highway, the lights were synchronized between Hallandale and Sheridan Street, so that if you went 45 mph you would get all the lights green. This would save gas and would reduce accidents. This system has since been discontinued by Hollywood. If these red light cameras trap law abiding citizens like me, It is only a matter of time before YOU will be involved with a traffic violation, involving a red light camera.

    • Kelli Hastings says:

      Absolutely, I agree. These cameras aren’t designed to promote safety; they are designed to make money. Otherwise, it is a simple enough fix to increase the yellow light interval, or the all-red interval (the time all the lights are red before shifting to green), or the other methods you suggested (blinking green or synchronizing lights). No one is a proponent of running red lights, but most tickets issued for red light camera violations are fractions of a second, like yours, which is hardly a safety issue. I believe the cameras are on the way out – either through the legislature or the Supreme Court of Florida. In the meantime, I will keep fighting for the cause through the appellate process.

  4. Hello,

    I congratulate them for the work of raising legal information and making the profession of lawyer more friendly.

    I sincerely wish you to continue.

    Greetings. Fran.

  5. ADRIAN AVRAM says:

    I received Notice of Violation ticket # 3441700287892 issued by City of Tampa by American Traffic Solutions.
    I am convinced that turn on red light is legal in Fl on 2010 Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Act (316.0083.) since I reduced speed upon entering the camera field where my car image was captured. Both pictures A and B shows my break lights on, meaning I continued breaking for at least 12 seconds (video duration)taking the turn and my initial speed of 19mph was greatly reduced-this fact confirmed by the video. Is expected a lower speed to be registered on the second picture (B). But both images A and B shows same speed of 19mph that is clearly wrong suggesting a camera equipmentmalfunction/manipulation The car was slowing down considerably from 19mph before intersection to 5mph(estimate) in the middle of the turn when second picture was taken. It is not logically possible to continue breaking and maintain same speed for such a long distance. Also it is not technically possible to measure car speed moving parallel and transverse 90 degrees from same camera static location. Video proves I made my turn in a careful and prudent manner at low safe speed. No cars or pedestrians were present at the intersection at that time. It was raining and the road was dry. This intersection does not have NO TURN ON RED sign posted.
    Do you think I have any chance to dismiss it at the first hearing with county?

    • Kelli Hastings says:

      I’m probably too late in responding to this, and for that I apologize. You are right a “careful and prudent” right on red should not receive a red light camera ticket. It is insane that municipalities continue to issue tickets for right on red.

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