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If you are interested in fighting your RLC ticket on your own, you may find the following templates useful. However, these templates are not intended as a substitute for legal advice. Fighting a red light camera ticket can be complicated and I would recommend contacting an attorney rather than handling it yourself:

1. Public Records Request for yellow light timings or other information: public-records-request-template

After preparing the form, email or mail it to the City Clerk, which can easily be found on most city websites. Some cities have online templates, like Orlando:

2. Pro Se Notice of Appearance and Request for Hearingpro-se-noa-template

This form is usually sent once the Uniform Traffic Citation  (UTC)  has been docketed (i.e., filed with the court).

3. Motion to Dismiss under Speedy Trial Ruletemplate-mtd

This form can be used to request a dismissal in your case if the court fails to set your hearing within 180 days (in Florida) of your receipt of the UTC.


RLC Informational Brochure

Please feel free to download and distribute this informational brochure created by David Coughlin regarding the Red Light Camera statute in Florida, aka, “The Mark Wandall Act:”

Mark Wandall Statute Simplified by David Coughlin V2


Red light camera articles

Important Addresses

City of Orlando STOPS: 

City of Orlando, c/o STOPS Safety Program
400 S. Orange Ave.
Orlando, FL 32801

Orange County Intersection Safety Program (ISP):

Orange County, Intersection Safety Program
4200 John Young Parkway
Orlando, FL 32839


20 responses to “Red Light Cameras”

  1. Attilio Di Marco says:

    Hi Kelli:
    Thank you for helping us fight RLC violations.
    Is there a valid argument in asking the officer if he can prove that the photos/video was not adulterated by the company before he saw them?

    • Kelli Hastings says:

      I think it’s a valid question to ask but that it won’t help you much with fighting your ticket in Florida. Our RLC statute is set up so that the videos and pictures automatically come in without being authenticated. Still, it doesn’t hurt to ask the officer that question along with questions about how the RLC program is set up (like whether the officer is actually reviewing all the videos).

  2. Angel says:

    Hello Ms. Hasting’s first I would like to thank you for all the great information you provide for free via your blog. I recently attempted a public records request for all electronic videos and still images be used against my vehicle for a red light infraction. Hillsborough County Sheriffs Office advised everything I received is what they receive. So I have no way of obtaining a video with the meta-data bar visible in order to cross reference my still images. I guess my question is what verbiage should I used to articulate to the judge of the courts inability to provide me all forms of evidence being used against my vehicle. Thank you in advance.

    • Kelli Hastings says:

      Hi Angel. Thank you for your feedback and I’m glad you find the info on my website to be useful. The metadata issue is an interesting one. I handled an appeal last year where the same thing happened – the City of Orlando could not give me the video metadata for cross-referencing. In order to get that fact in evidence -i.e., that the information was requested and was not available – you would either need to submit something in writing from Hillsborough County (assuming they responded in writing to your request) or have someone from Hillsborough County testify at your hearing that they were not able to respond to your request. Good luck to you!

  3. Charlie Ramos says:

    My name is Charlie. I had a RLC ticket issued by the City of Kissimmee. I waited (61) days after the date the NOV was issued and requested a hearing. I never received notification of the hearing and the hearing was held by the City of Kissimmee. The statute states that I can request a UTC hearing after 60 days of the date the NOV was issued. I did not receive a UTC. I requested a hearing after the statutory (60) days from te NOV date. The TIEO held a hearing (I believe I can argue that this court had no jurisdiction) . The TIEO found me guilty and added 250.00 on top of the 158 ticket fine. What are my options? One last thing, the TIEO held the hearing (6) months ago.

    • Kelli Hastings says:

      Hi Charlie. Sorry that I am just seeing your comment. I don’t believe I responded before. If you didn’t receive notification of the hearing of the UTC you should be able to have the judgment against you set aside. I’m a little confused though – the TIEO is usually just a witness at a hearing held by an administrative hearing officer. If you wait to request a hearing after receipt of the UTC, you will be before a real county court judge, not an administrative hearing officer. Regardless, if you never got notice, you have grounds to get the order against you set aside – probably by filing a motion for relief from judgment. I’d recommend contacting a local traffic attorney in Kissimmee and seeing if they can help you. Most traffic attorneys charge about $100 or less which is worth it since you are looking at a fine of over $400 ($158 + 250). Good luck.

  4. Charlie Ramos says:

    Let me clear a couple of points…I waited 63 days after the NOV was issued and requested a hearing. I sent the request to the administrative court instead of the Osceola County Court by mistake. My argument is that the administrative court had no power to set a hearing, which I did not attend to, after the statutory 60 days from the date the NOV was issued. I did not receive a UTC. It is my understanding that the administrative court lacked jurisdiction to set a hearing and consequently enter a judgment against me after the time limit (60 days) expired.

    • Kelli Hastings says:

      I get what you are saying, though I think it would come down to the precise language of the applicable statutes. Generally, you have to wait until AFTER you get the UTC to request a hearing in order to divest the administrative court of jurisdiction. Unless the statute specifically says their jurisdiction ends after 60 days, you may have an issue with your argument.

  5. Charlie Ramos says:

    I just filed an appeal with the Osceola county court, Case # 2017 AP 002 AP.

  6. Charlie Ramos says:

    I came across an opinion that as a non-legally trained person I understand that the language of 316.0083 is mandatory and not directory.
    The statute states that 60 days of the date the NOV a UTC has to be issued, which triggers the jurisdiction of an article 5 county court. If no UTC was issued then it can be argued that there should be no case. I already filed my appeal and I will start working on my initial brief. I will keep you guys posted.

  7. Charlie Ramos says:

    Thank you !!

  8. Charlie Ramos says:

    One more thing, this Florida Bar article should guide a pro-se litigant on the mechanics of how to appeal a red-light camera ticket.

  9. Shawn says:

    So I’ve been thinking of additional creative ways to avoid these redlight camera tickets due to the many concerns.

    2016 Florida Statutes
    320.061 Unlawful to alter motor vehicle registration certificates, license plates, temporary license plates, mobile home stickers, or validation stickers or to obscure license plates; penalty.—A person may not alter the original appearance of a vehicle registration certificate, license plate, temporary license plate, mobile home sticker, or validation sticker issued for and assigned to a motor vehicle or mobile home, whether by mutilation, alteration, defacement, or change of color or in any other manner. A person may not apply or attach a substance, reflective matter, illuminated device, spray, coating, covering, or other material onto or around any license plate which interferes with the legibility, angular visibility, or detectability of any feature or detail on the license plate or interferes with the ability to record any feature or detail on the license plate. A person who violates this section commits a noncriminal traffic infraction, punishable as a moving violation as provided in chapter 318.–1501356.html

    “Alberto Marino Quirantes Jr.

    Criminal Defense Attorney

    Miami, FL FL licensed

    Posted on Nov 29, 2013

    Although this is a non-moving violation which carries no points or criminal penalties, it does carry a fine and it will go on your driving record if you pay it.

    Some people choose to take it to court rather then to pay the fine. I have defended this matter when it has been attached to civil infractions that I have defended and the case arose out of the same incident.

    Most of the time if you bring a picture of a valid tag with the matching registration to Court, you can request that the judge dismiss it for compliance or if it is attached to a criminal traffic violation, you can speak to the prosecutor about possibly recommending dismissal.

    However I did try the case one time and I was able to show that the officer did not observe my client altering the tag. The statute does not read that possession of an altered tag is the violation but it reads that altering is. Since the officer did not observe anyone altering it, it follows that my client was not guilty of this offense, and he was acquitted. Obviously, I tried this case just for fun because the final outcome would’ve been just been a small fine.

    I hope this helps, good luck with your case.

    Albert M Quirantes Ticket Law Center,
    a criminal defense law firm.

    So, if “someone installs a “RED LIGHT CAMERA PRIVACY LPR & UV BLOCK LICENSE TAG PROTECTOR ” like this one on ebay currently $19.00

    or Currently $49.95

    you would very likely beat the redlight camera ticket cause the redlight camera cant see your entire plate from an angle on the side of the street.

    and a police officer or any one behind you could see the plate number
    (see this video to understand (Block your license plate from cameras – Photo Mask Cover review )

    yes you would be violating Florida Statutes 320.061 and commit a noncriminal traffic infraction, punishable as a moving violation as provided in chapter 318.

    which means a police officer could pull you over and harass you but if you handle yourself well you can provide him with 2016 Florida Statutes
    320.061 and ask if he saw you alter the original appearance of the license plate. that officer could not say yes to that question if you’re driving down the road unless the officer wants to break the law and lie.

    next the officer may be nice and make you remove the license plate cover or have a power trip and issue you a ticket.

    as you read above “Alberto Marino Quirantes Jr. Criminal Defense Attorney stated “I did try the case one time and I was able to show that the officer did not observe my client altering the tag. The statute does not read that possession of an altered tag is the violation but it reads that altering is. Since the officer did not observe anyone altering it, it follows that my client was not guilty of this offense, and he was acquitted.”

    After that you either drive away with a warning or fight it in court yourself or pay a ticket clinic as little as $49 to fight it for you. being that this a non criminal moving violation it shouldn’t be more than $49

    and that is cheaper then a red light camera ticket and cheaper than hiring an attorney for a redlight camera ticket which is $100+ Dollars.

    I am personally sick and tired of these redlight camera tickets and sometimes im in a rush and certain red light cameras are put at busy intersections and the green light is so short you end up getting stuck at 3 light cycles just to risk punching thru the traffic light and risking the reduced amber light (yellow light) intentionally reduced to make you impatient and increase redlight camera revenue.

    I wish Orlando Orange county would ignore and close these privatized citations like areas in California have already done During the period June 2011 to Jan. 2017 the following California cities closed their camera programs, or announced they would be closing: Baldwin Park, Bell Gardens, Belmont, Cerritos, Corona, Davis, El Cajon, Emeryville, Escondido, Gardena, Glendale, Grand Terrace, Hayward, Highland, Inglewood, Laguna Woods, Lancaster, City of Los Angeles, Marysville, Modesto, Murrieta, Napa, Oakland, Oceanside, Pasadena, Poway, Redwood City, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Carlos, San Diego, San Juan Capistrano, San Rafael, Santa Ana, Santa Clarita, South Gate, South San Francisco, Stockton, Victorville, Vista, Walnut, and Yuba City.


  10. ADRIAN AVRAM says:

    I have not received an UTC yet -I still have another month to appeal the notice of violation
    is it possible to request a hearing not in person but instead to send an written appeal with administrative hearing officer Hillsborough County ? I cannot travel from Gainesville to Tampa just to hear a standard rejection.
    for good advice

    • Kelli Hastings says:

      Somehow I’ve missed all my comments for the last 2 months! Sorry I am just getting to this. Usually you cannot do a written appeal for a ticket hearing, unfortunately.

  11. ADRIAN AVRAM says:

    NEW WAY TO FIGHT RED CAMERA TICKET based on metadata speed recording on photo images—
    I got a Notice of violation in Tampa Fl for right turn on red–
    since I am living in Gainesville , it is difficult for me to drive 6 hours round trip just to hear a standard rejection. The county hearing is not a fair forum to express driver concerns, since it is conducted by the same officer that approved the notice of violation and not by a third unbiased independent party.
    Safety at Tampa streets intersections is important and will be no contest to pay any fees for traffic violations but the way ATS abuse its power to violate the law and invent “violations” by manipulation of equipment in order to extract more money from a dying safety program is not acceptable and I hope someone will investigate it. BBB web site recorded hundred of similar complaints against ATS and its abusive business practice.
    I am convinced that turn on red light is legal in Fl since I reduced speed upon entering the camera field where my car image was captured. Both pictures A and B shows my break lights on, meaning I continued breaking for at least 12 seconds (video duration)taking the turn and my initial speed of 19mph when I entered intersection was greatly reduced-this fact confirmed by the video. Is expected a lower speed to be registered on the second picture (B). But both images A and B shows same speed of 19mph that is clearly wrong suggesting a camera equipment malfunction. The car was slowing down considerably from 19mph before intersection to under 10mph (estimate)in the middle of the turn when second picture was taken.Florida state regulate already speeds under 20mph as safe-see speed around schools regulation. It is not logically possible to continue breaking and maintain same speed for such a long distance. Also it is not technically possible to measure car speed moving parallel and transverse 90 degrees from same camera static location. Video proves I made my turn in a careful and prudent manner at low safe speed. No cars or pedestrians were present at the intersection at that time. It was not raining and the road was dry. This intersection does not have NO TURN ON RED sign posted.

    Instead going to the hearing I sent an appeal to following
    -David Roberts, ATS President 1150 N Alma School Road Mesa, Arizona 85201
    -Patricia Newton, Human Rights/discrimination Investigation Supervisor 306 E Jackson St Tampa, FL 33602
    -Florida Office of the Attorney General Pam Bondi State of -Florida The Capitol PL-01 Tallahassee, FL 32399-1050
    -Hillsborough County Consumer Protection Agency 410 30th St. S.E. Suite 104 Ruskin, FL 33570
    -Eric Ward, Tampa Police Chief 306 East Jackson Street Tampa, Florida 33602-
    One week after my written appeal the ticked was dismissed with no explanations-no hearing requested—

    • Kelli Hastings says:

      Wow. Right on red isn’t a ticket-able offense as long as you are driving in a “careful and prudent manner.” Glad the ticket was dismissed, despite all that you had to go through to get there.

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