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How to Fight your Red Light Camera Ticket and Why

How to Fight your Red Light Camera Ticket and Why

If you are considering fighting your red light camera ticket, this video contains important information about evidence you need to establish at your hearing in order to win. It also addresses safety concerns (spoiler alert: red light cameras make us less safe) and the use of bare bones yellow light times in order to obtain more violations and make the camera programs profitable. **05/03/2018** Update: The Florida Supreme Court has upheld red light cameras as valid. Now winning or not will have to be examined on a jurisdiction by jurisdiction basis: **10/16/2017** Update: The Florida Supreme Court has granted Oral Argument on RLCs. They are scheduled for 2/7/18 at 9:00am in the Jimenez v. State case: Here is a link to some useful templates if you wish to fight your case pro se (without a lawyer): Here are links to the cases cited in the video: City of Hollywood v. Arem: Hastings v. City of Orlando: Here is the safety report from the video showing crashes up overall since the cameras were introduced in Florida: FLDHSMV Red Light Camera Summary Report: Consultation information: Go to and join our newsletter to stay in the loop! While you're at it, why not like us on Facebook! (please.) Twitter: Instagram: Special thanks to Joe Carroll for filming and editing this video!

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