Meet Kelli

My name is Kelli Hastings.

I greet life on Earth with the attitude of a fearless adventurer and see the importance of striking a balance between spirituality and living in material reality.

I haven’t always been this way. For many years I led a very material-minded, anxiety-ridden existence and worked long hours as a civil litigator. Then personal tragedy sparked within me a re-awakening. My journey led me to India, where I connected to and felt deeply the Love that permeates all of existence.

For a total of six months over the course of three years, I took my son (20 months old our first trip!) with me to India to study yoga at the source.

I’ve been called a renaissance woman, and I do have my hands in a little bit of everything. I maintain a small, homestead farm.  I own Total Zen Float, a sensory deprivation floating and yoga studio. I have twenty (20) years' experience practicing law. I love to play tournament poker. I teach yoga, host a teacher training, and play the fiddle and tenor banjo (started both a few years ago!) I wrote a book about my journey and life philosophy: Rotten Minerva. I like to draw and sing and dance, and I will try just about anything once. 

I hope that by living my life and sharing it that I might inspire others to connect to the Love that resides in each of our hearts… to hear and sing and dance to that unique inner Divine song.

I talked about my journey and my experiences with sensory deprivation floating in this short video from PechaKucha: