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Press release - Rotten Minerva



Becoming an Unruly Warrior - The Yoga Lawyer Releases the Long-Anticipated Audiobook of Rotten Minerva


Kelli Hastings records a brilliantly authentic account of what it looks like to be “spiritual” in a modern world while exploring the human experience with curiosity and delight

ORLANDO, FLORIDA - Philosophy has long been regarded as a topic for scholars or grad students, rarely touched or tackled in other areas of life - yet the concepts, lessons, and thoughts bleed into every interaction, every thought, and every relationship one has. Society tackles this idea of spirituality and philosophy, particularly in recent years - but one free-spirited yogi is on a mission to shift that narrative with a brutally authentic spiritual quest to become her unruly warrior.


Kelli Hastings, better known as The Yoga Lawyer, released Rotten Minerva: Be an Unruly Warrior and Embark on a Spiritual Quest in 2019 to shift the perspective on what it means to be a spiritual person within a material reality. Now, The Yoga Lawyer is proud to announce that Rotten Minerva is now available as an audiobook, exclusively on Audible.


Raw, authentic, hilarious, and relatable, Hastings invites listeners to join her on her quest toward freedom - in hopes that they might be inspired to find their own. Riddled with religious scriptures, ancient philosophy, science, movies, pop culture, and her adventures, Rotten Minerva breaks down philosophical texts and ideas into easily digested concepts with a touch of sass.


Broken into four sections, Rotten Minerva takes listeners on a journey of self-discovery that will pragmatically lay the foundation to create unruly warriors, well-equipped to embrace their journey and live their most authentic lives.


“I want to acknowledge the profound foundation shift offering being expressed in these pages.

Memoirs that draw from vast swathes of time and influence while coloring a personal journey are such gems and bring something that other texts do not. The human experience in its intimacy and delight.”


Through proof of concept, dedication to the craft, and unwavering commitment to inspiring others to embark on their spiritual quest for freedom and authenticity, Kelli Hasting’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition. Rotten Minerva: Be an Unruly Warrior and Embark on a Spiritual Quest is available now at AmazonBarnes and Noble, and now on Audible


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About The Yoga Lawyer


Kelli Hastings, also known as The Yoga Lawyer, is a yoga teacher, author, homestead farmer, artist, and lawyer with over twenty years of experience as a civil litigator. Hastings created The Yoga Lawyer as a blog about ten years ago after exploring India and the source of the sacred practice of yoga. Since then, Hastings has built The Yoga Lawyer into a renowned brand, offering yoga apprenticeship, virtual legal consultations, and video training, various local events, and enriching reading material. In her latest venture, Hastings tackles the complexities of philosophy in a captivating and digestible format with her new audiobook for Rotten Minerva: Be an Unruly Warrior and Embark on a Spiritual Quest.
















For more information or press inquiries, please contact Kelli Hastings at or (407)539-3032

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