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Q&A: Do you have to use so many cuss words?

I recently received the following response to my article, “Why yoga is not about silencing the mind” via LinkedIn from a lawyer colleague:

Good article and I am interested in quieting my mind however your LinkedIn tease to the article looks like you make the f bomb statement. I’m no prude, but as I get older, I can see how that might shock/turn off some. Just sayen.

In retrospect, reading the article again now, rather than slowly working up to it I do sort of come right out of the gate with the F-bomb. And its kinda funny to think that when my article auto-publishes to all my social media outlets that it is also posting to LinkedIn where all my old lawyering colleagues, who probably already think I’m losing my marbles, see it and get smacked in the face with a giant f-bomb in the article summary teaser.

Oh well. I like to cuss. It comes naturally when I am talking to good friends and I feel like when I write articles for this website that I am talking to a friend. Still, I admit I may get out of hand sometimes. And as a result I get hits on my site for the search terms, “yoga fucking” and “yoga sex” which isn’t exactly the audience I am looking for.

And I am sure I get a few disappointed readers, who, while haplessly searching for yoga sex techniques instead come across my babble about Mercury being in Retrograde again.

Here was my response to the LinkedIn colleague’s question:

Hello ______! You’re right, I probably do turn off some people with my language. Haha. You win some you lose some.

This got me thinking: I want to do more Q&A. I’ll talk about anything – yoga, religion, legal issues, me, whatever. So…

Got a question you’d like me to answer? Send me a note and I’ll do my darndest. This will be fun.


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