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Just a spoonful of vinegar helps the Canada go down

Canada!! Hooray! I like to pronounce it “Can-A-dia” (like “Canadian” without the last “n”) because I am awesome and all the Canadians love it when I do.

I’m here for my cousin’s wedding, and also to eat lots of food. OMG who knew Vancouver had such food!


So on the plane on the way here the in-flight movie was “Saving Mr. Banks.” Its the back story of Disney’s Mary Poppins, and its a real tear-jerker. By the end I  was blubbering like the Rancor keeper in Jabba’s palace, which is always fun to do from the middle seat on a plane sitting between a guy I don’t know and my mom:


Why do movies always want to make me cry?? I mean seriously, pretty much any movie makes me bawl. It was actually a really great film and came with a deep message about self-forgiveness and hope. Ugh cry fest. Maybe on the flight back we will get something mindless and funny.

And there was some luggage drama involving spillage of hair product… Lately I’ve been washing my hair with baking soda and conditioning it with a vinegar/water mix. I know it sounds kinda like I’m mixing a salad in my hair, but I’ve had really good results. I gave it a try after seeing about four different articles pop up in my FaceBook feed touting the benefits. I find it’s generally good form to base my life decisions on the number of times I see something on FaceBook, and I saw the hair-salad article alot.

Long story short, my vinegar mix erupted during the flight, and my clothes and luggage got soaked.

So my clothes and I are emitting a not-so-faint air of sour feet, which is nice.

Also on the way here on the plane I got to see the Rocky Mountains, which pretty much look exactly like how Bob Ross paints them. It was beautiful, the picture doesn’t really do it justice:


I’ve been thinking about how we like to take pictures of beautiful things, like mountains and sunsets and lakes. Sometimes we print them out and put them in a frame on our wall. Yet it always pales in comparison to the real thing, which unlike a two-dimensional photo comes in full-color, panaramic, 3-D.  Nothing wrong with pictures, of course. I just want to remember to really experience these things when they are in front of me. By the way, tonight I took at least 40 pictures of the sunset.

Speaking of beautiful things, the view from our hotel room is pretty sweet too:

photo 3

Lots more food and views to come on this trip, I can feel it. Hooray for Canada!

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