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Total Zen 2 (& 3!)

So today I “went into the tank” at Total Zen Floats (sensory deprivation experience) for the third time in two weeks! I’ve been accused of being addicted and, I’m not gonna lie, I think I am.

I could quit anytime I want. Really.

Well why would I want to? It is awesome.

You may recall I blogged about my first experience here. Well the second time was more amazing than the first. Will (one of the owners) says, “the second float’s always the best.” I think he’s right. By your second float, you are a float veteran. All fear and phobias have already been vetted by your first experience in the tank.

My second experience seemed to fly by. I felt I got deeper into myself.

As for my third experience, I felt I got deeper still. Both my first and second floats were in the original tank that the owners built. My third float was in the other tank. The only discernible differences between the experiences in the two tanks were in the aesthetics. But aesthetics are pretty much on the bottom of my list of needs when floating. I would float in a tank in a cave. (That would actually probably be pretty cool). The experience in the tank is what matters, and it rocks either way.

So did you know there is a Simpson’s episode where Lisa and Homer float in a sensory deprivation tank? It pretty much nails the experience head-on:

Also, I came across a really good blog by Daniel Finfer where he describes his (and his three friends’) experience in a tank in Pasadena. He describes it this way:

After all four of us had gone in the iso­la­tion tank for one hour each, we all had com­pletely dif­fer­ent expe­ri­ences and expla­na­tions — but we all agreed it was one of-if-not-the-single-most life-changing feel­ings we’d ever felt.  And seri­ously, the way you phys­i­cally feel after­wards is like get­ting a mas­sage, doing a full work­out, and get­ting 8 hours of sleep all at once.

Reminds me of how I described it in my previously-referenced blog:

After my hour was up, I felt a blissful, peaceful feeling. Like I had just meditated and juice-fasted and practiced yoga and smoked weed all at the same time.

If you are thinking about trying it, go for it. If you live in Central Florida, go see Will at  And if you do go for a float, please share your experience in the comments!

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