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Today begins Ganesh Chaturthi (The 10-day Festival celebrating Ganesh)

Today, in India and all over the globe, people are celebrating the Hindu deity Ganesh, the remover of obstacles.

The worship will last for ten days and culminate in the immersion in water of a symbol of Ganesh along with dancing and general good-times-having.

So how can we tap into some of this Ganesh goodness in our own lives, especially over the next ten days when the world will be brimming with lovely Ganesha-Love?

We can start by remembering what Ganesh is all about. Ganesh is the archetypal god of success;

“revered for his cleverness and wisdom, Ganesha is also known as the patron of letters and learning.”¹ 

Along with removing obstacles, “Ganesha has a dual role … creating obstructions for those whose hubris and ambition have become destructive.²

And we can thank Ganesh for being mischievous in this way, as it serves as a guidepost: whenever we notice obstructions, we can take it as sign to slow down and reconnect with the Ganesh energy of wisdom and success.

And the biggest obstacles we face as humans are the internal blocks we put up in our own hearts. These blocks manifest in the physical world as obstructions in our path. When we connect with Ganesh, we begin to heal and lift the blocks we have put up in our hearts, and we are more available to receive the Love that is all around us.

How can we reconnect with Ganesha-love in our own lives? The use of mantras and kirtan can be a powerful tools that circumvent the chatter of the mind. As Amma says,

“In this materialistic age, more concentration can be gained through kirtan than through meditation. Today, the atmosphere is filled with so many different kinds of sounds. Because of that, concentration will not come easily and meditation will be made more difficult than ever before. These obstacles can be overcome, however, if one performs kirtan. Not only that; the atmosphere itself will be purified by your kirtan.” 

So bust out your singing voice and connect with some Ganesh-music-vibes. If that’s not your style, try taking a moment each morning (or whenever you remember) over the next ten days to invite Ganesh into your heart; ask him to help you remove any blocks you may have lurking in there.

Then throughout your day, take everything that comes your way as a gift from Ganesh, as a piece of your journey here on Earth.

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¹ The Chopra Center Blog, “Archetype Series: Who is Ganesh?” <> (Visited August 29, 2014)

² See above.

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