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What a week I’m having!

It’s Saturday and I’m positive that you are reading this right now because you want to know all about my life happenings this past week.

So let’s do this.

On Tuesday, Bhagavan Das came back to town! He will be here the next three Tuesdays teaching classes and singing kirtan at Harmony Yoga in Maitland. He is pretty dope and is really kinda glowy and stuff. Even my picture of him from Tuesday night is sorta blurry, akin to a bigfoot sighting photograph:


He sang some heart-opening kirtan, and then told the story of how he met his guru, Maharaji. It was the same story he told when I saw him in Jacksonville in January, but it felt like a completely new experience of it. His next lectures over the next three weeks focus on each of the chakras and their corresponding elements and deities. That kind of stuff really gets me excited.

Earlier that same day I saw Bhagavan Das, I was interviewed by Fox 35 News anchor Kim Wiggins about my experiences floating in the sensory deprivation tank at Total Zen Float in Casselberry. I felt almost-famous:


Its not set to air until next month, so I’ll keep you posted. I have also been writing the blog for Total Zen. On Sunday I got the opportunity to interview the artist that painted the sacred geometry Sri Yantra artwork hanging on the walls of Total Zen. His name is Jon Michael Birt, and you can check him out on Facebook at CompassionARTe. You can take a look at the article I wrote about him on the Total Zen blog. Here is one of his Sri Yantras featured in the Total Zen reception area:


It was a truly inspiring experience to meet Jon-Michael and learn about his passion for his art.

Later in the week, thanks to my friend Monica at The Yogi Movement’s article about posting social media icons on your website, I added links to my social media accounts on my home page in the upper right corner! I felt so smart when the super-simple HTML code actually worked. It looks pretty sweet, check it out:


Even now I feel really proud when I look at it. I’m all like, “I made that.”

I’m generally feeling pretty amazing this week. I even signed up 9 new law cases that I am excited to work on, and that will hopefully generate some nice revenue.

Which will be helpful since I overdrew my account again (by a lot) and had to borrow money from my Mom. That part of the week actually felt really shitty. It gets frustrating when I feel so good – like I’m really living the dream and that I am exactly where I am supposed to be – and yet my finances don’t seem to match the internal abundance I’m radiating.

A nice reminder from a reader made me feel slightly better:

Self Realization is more eternal currency than all the Billions of worthless material currency. Keep treading the path.

So I’m treading. And I do believe that soon things will be different on the finances front.

After all the only thing constant is change.

So that’s my week. If you aren’t familiar with the titular reference, here it is for your viewing pleasure (just click on the Eugene Levy image below).


That’s it for me until next week.

So much love to you all!

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