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Orange County Red Light Camera Challenge Update

Previously this site published information about the Facella v. Orange County red light camera appeal.

Facella v. Orange County, FL is the case where Mr. Facella, an unrepresented defendant accused of running a red light by three-tenths of a second, was prohibited from arguing that Orange County’s red light camera program is invalid at his administrative hearing.

Channel 9 published a piece about it this summer:

The case is fully briefed and all of the briefs can be viewed here:

  1. Appellant Facella’s Initial Brief

  2. Appellee Orange County’s Answer Brief

  3. Pam Bondi Attorney General’s Amicus Brief

  4. Appellant Facella’s Reply Brief

Now that the case is fully briefed, the Ninth Circuit Court may issue a ruling at any time. Updates will be posted on this website.

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